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Through our Dallas foreclosure law firm, Bright Law, a homeowner can avoid foreclosure, typically through chapter 13 bankruptcy. We focus on foreclosure defense, in offering debtors the opportunity to catch up mortgage arrears. Mortgage arrears are the portion of the mortgage payments which are behind.

For example, through chapter 13 bankruptcy, a home mortgage which is 3 months behind at a monthly mortgage payment of $1500 could be caught up over 3-5 years. So 3 payments at $1500 each plus various late fees might come out to $5,000, and hence with a repayment plan in chapter 13, the trustee payment might be approximately $140/month for 60 months in order to get the home mortgage current again. This is an option that is provided through bankruptcy when the mortgage lender demands full payment of the late portion.

Our law firm provides options:

-Chapter 13 bankruptcy to catch up a mortgage

-Chapter 7 bankruptcy for strategic default (walking way from a mortgage that is underwater and behind)

-Foreclosure prevention before you have been sent into foreclosure

-Stopping a pending foreclosure sale by preventing it with the automatic stay of bankruptcy

-Eliminating unsecured debt while keeping your home when you qualify for a discharge

-Getting a fresh new start with your finances

-Stopping creditor harassment

-Stopping payday loan harassment 

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